14 September 2022

In 2023, the Palats company will join forces with the Hi sustainability project as a new partner and will participate in the next stage of their research study. The IT company is a welcome addition whose knowledge and understanding of inventory management will enable exciting expansion and development.

Henrik Olausson, CEO of Palats, hopes that the certification that HI is working on will become a benchmark for everyone in the interior design industry and that it will be seen as a matter of course for everyone to want to certify in the future.

“The biggest problem I see related to inventory management in larger organizations and projects today is that it is difficult to make sustainable choices. Companies often have poor knowledge of what furniture and inventory they currently own and it takes a long time to gather this information. Once the information is available, it is difficult to make climate-smart choices as there is limited easy guidance,” says Henrik Olausson.

Inventory of furniture in an office project with Nora Velander

Working sustainably and with environmental certifications is becoming more common in most sectors, but in the area of interior design there is a lack of guidelines, certifications and awareness. This creates a vacuum as expertise and knowledge is difficult to obtain on your own as a market player. Something that the Hi project hopes to change through its environmental certification and the digital tool Hint, which quickly and efficiently measures the user’s environmental impact.

“Within Hi, we have the opportunity to create a holistic solution that gives interior designers the tools they need to make climate-smart choices. We are constantly working towards making it as easy to use existing products as it is to buy new ones, and with Hi we have the chance to take big steps in the right direction,” Henrik says of the project’s merits.

If we better understand the impact of our choices, it will be easier to make analytical and conscious ones. It is hoped that projects like Hi will provide guidance and make it easier for companies and stakeholders to work with circular sustainability and reuse. The goal is a transformation, where the whole sector is more active in managing its environmental impact.

“Working together as we do gives added value as we can influence developments together. Sharing networks, exchanging experiences and services helps us to expand. Everything is optimised. It is also a good economic incentive, if you can motivate people to work together for a sustainable future, financially. We hope that more people will understand this and want to be part of it in the future,” says Henrik about the cooperation.

Palats is an IT company that has developed an inventory and reuse service that gives you an easy overview of your inventory and related information. Palats inventories, coordinates and processes building materials, furniture and fixtures with the aim of easily estimating the carbon footprint.