6 December 2022

Hållbar interiör has developed an effective tool - Hint, which measures your environmental impact in minutes and gives you an indication of whether you are green enough for environmental certification.The service is part of the project's commitment to long-term sustainability in the interior design industry.

As part of the Hållbar interiörs work and the project's environmental certification, the Hint service has been developed, a tool that quickly and efficiently measures the user's carbon footprint. The aim of the service is to facilitate the work towards a transition where we work more circularly and with long-term sustainability, something that is not always easy to navigate by oneself. With Hint, you get a user-friendly guide to help you on your way and get you there.

“We make environmentally friendly interior design projects easy,” says Sascha Firle, an IT project manager from Voidmark who worked on developing the Hint tool.

Sascha Firle

How do you use Hint?

The user enters data about their business, premises and inventory and then quickly gets a finished result based on the data and information provided. The result will tell you how close you are to environmental certification, but you will also get so much more thanks to the service which measures a variety of aspects and gives you a better overview. For example, you can measure your latest interior design project to get a forecast of how environmentally friendly the project is. The tool shows you what factors you should consider before starting work and whether your preliminary planning meets the environmental criteria. But don’t worry, if your project gets a red light, Hint knows exactly how to fix it. Your results make it easy to see which elements can be improved and how to make the changes. You’ll get an educational and clear overview for your business, as well as tips and checklists to follow, to help you develop it towards certification.

Hint makes it easy to work more climate-smart together

The service handles everything from inventory to long-term plans for a facility. In this way, the tool can be used for an entire business with associated partners. It enables, for example, interior designers and tenants to see where they stand in joint projects. This makes it easier for all parties as there is full transparency and everyone follows a common plan towards certification. Hint is the tool that prepares your entire business for a climate-smart transition.

“We make environmentally friendly interior design projects easy,” says Sascha Firle, IT project manager from Voidmark who worked on developing Hint. “It’s transparent, intuitive and clear. And the best part is that at the end you have collected all the documentation to get an official environmental certification, which only needs to be audited by a certification body.”

Test Hint now on the website

At present, Hint is based on principles and criteria developed by RISE, the Research Institute of Sweden, which is working with Hi on the environmental certification. “We hope and believe that more stakeholders will want to be part of Hi. Realize the value and that there are only profits to be made, with a smart and user-friendly tool that helps everyone work towards certification”, says Sascha Firle about the tool’s function. Hint will be launched on the market in 2024.