The requirements for buildings are high, but for interiors there are hardly any requirements at all. There is a lack of access to relevant information to check the environmental impact of interior projects.

With Hållbar interiors' digital tools Hint, the user will receive environmental facts linked to an interior, making it easier to decide which decisions are sustainable and which are not.

Hint, the digital tool of the HI certification, is developed for anyone who wants to work sustainably with premises and who wants to create an overview of the current sustainability level of the premises at an early stage. With Hint, the user can quickly link environmental data to an interior and make relevant and sustainable decisions based on the specific premises.

Hint guides the user through a process where the sustainability of a premises is clarified step by step. With simple facts and quick clicks, you get an initial sustainability forecast for your premises. Here you can test a first version of Hint that contains the most basic parts.

For those facing a premises change, it is important to make informed choices early in the process. At that stage, you quickly get help with Hint and can then influence the outcome in the right direction.

Hint – the digital tool for HI certification of a premises:

  • Hint guides users through the entire process of HI certification and provides immediate feedback on how well the environmental criteria are met.
  • Hint assists users in quickly making the right choices to achieve a sustainable premises and compares different proposed changes.
  • Hint enables collaboration with multiple stakeholders in joint premises projects and consolidates information about multiple premises under the same account.
  • Hint generates governance and policy documents in premises management contexts.
  • Hint creates decision support for change processes.
  • Hint gathers information about products and inventories in one place and can be used in conjunction with other inventory apps.
  • Hint manages the interior properly to extend its lifespan and promote reuse and preservation.