The requirements for buildings are high, but for interiors there are hardly any requirements at all. There is a lack of access to relevant information to check the environmental impact of interior projects.

With Hållbar interiors' digital tools Hint, the user will receive environmental facts linked to an interior, making it easier to decide which decisions are sustainable and which are not.

The Hint digital tool guides the user through a step-by-step process to clarify the sustainability of a space. We are already offering everyone the chance to test how it can work. Follow the link below to access the digital tool. With simple facts and quick clicks, you get a first sustainability profile for your particular premises.

For those who are about to change their premises or perhaps are considering certifying an existing one, it is important to make environmentally conscious choices early in the process. That’s when you can influence results in the right direction the most! That’s why we’ve chosen to focus on these very aspects in Hint right now.

Do you have comments on how something works or is designed? Feel free to contact us at Hållbar interiör!

Try Hint to get an sustainability assessment of your current office space.

Try Hint to get an sustainability assessment of a office space development project.