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Hållbar interiör (Sustainable interiors) aims to set a new standard for how an interior is valued and how spatial design can be linked to circular business models and long-term sustainable values.

For a tenant who chooses to go for environmental certification, commitment is required. Hållbar interiör aims to guide the tenant through this process. It should be practical and educational and result in something beyond a sustainability certificate, namely new insights and a change in approach.

With Hållbar interiörs' tools and certification, good conditions are created for investments and initiatives based on measurable sustainability.

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The lack of requirements sparked the project

Sustainable Interior is the new eco-label that will ensure quality and sustainability in interior local projects. The purpose is to offer a tool that facilitates sustainable purchases of interior design and a certification that ensures that an interior project has taken place in a sustainable way. The project has received support from Vinnova in stages 1 and 2 through the Challenge-driven innovation program and is now starting up stage 2, which will run for two years.

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Hållbar interiör - Towards a frame work and rating system for sustainable interiors

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The Hint digital tool provides basic information about a premises. These facts are then compiled into a preliminary sustainability forecast for the building or premises interior.

Hållbar interiör