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Sustainable Interior is Sweden's first environmental certification that assesses entire spaces based on defined environmental criteria. The HI certification is new and targets those who prefer reuse over buying new – focusing on interior design with a circular economy approach.

All HI-certified spaces receive assistance and guidance with verification, leading to a Type 1 environmental certification, as well as changes in practices, better fulfillment of sustainability goals, and improved sustainability efforts.

The HI certification also creates favorable conditions for investments and initiatives based on measurable long-term sustainability.

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Hint, the digital tool for HI certification, is developed for anyone who wants to work sustainably with spaces and who, at an early stage, wants to gain an overview of the current sustainability level of their space.


To achieve the climate goals of the Paris Agreement, all industries need to transition by reducing resource extraction, emissions, and promoting a circular economy. Do you want to learn more about what you can do to contribute to reduced environmental impact specifically for your spaces?

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Sustainable Interior, HI, is Sweden's first environmental certification for spaces. HI certification means that the entire space is designed and managed according to defined environmental criteria verified by the certification body RISE.

-Sascha Firle