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Hint licenser ger dig upp till 20% rabatt på andra produkter. T.ex sparar du 20% (dvs 1000kr) när du registrerar dig för en HI-märkning och ytterligare 10% på verifierings avgiften eller utbildningar.

Our price packages

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  • Pre-release licenses: The tool will officially launch at the end of September, but you can buy and use it now. Since everything isn’t fully set up, we offer a pre-release license, where you need to be a bit forgiving with errors. You’ll receive extra support from our team, and any reported errors or deficiencies will be prioritized in development. An annual license costs only 500 SEK per project and user
    (pre-release licenses do not entitle you to discounts on other products)
  • Subscription for one project: (from 2024-09-26) Create a project and calculate your HI-Score based on an inventory and information about the organization and the premises. Upload or link all materials and submit documentation with the push of a button to the certification institute. Each project includes the ability to invite other participants who can track progress and access all documentation: 4000 SEK per project and user
    (Participants who actively contribute by making changes need their own subscription)
  • Subscription for unlimited projects: (from 2024-09-26) 16,000 SEK per user

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